The Breaking of Nations

Americans should pay attention to the Lisbon Treaty and the corresponding events in Europe. We're on the same road, and we're fast approaching a point of no return.

Europe -- the Europe of free and independent nations -- is no more. Sovereignty is all but dead there, and a collective behemoth, tellingly referred to as the "European soviet" by Mikhail Gorbachev, now straddles the continent, ushering in a new tyranny for the 21st century. With the unanimous (and highly undemocratic) ratification of the infamous Lisbon Treaty on November 3, 2009, the European Union has achieved a transfer of authority that even the most aggressive military conquests could not. Even the German Anschluss can't compare to this unified surrender of freedom by stargazing Europeans.

Europe is now lost to history. In the Lisbon treaty are calls for E.U. treaty-making power (immediately "binding" on member states -- national parliamentary ratification not optional), a common immigration and asylum policy (i.e., no more national control of illegal immigration flows), and the most damning proposal, a requirement that individual nations receive permission from fellow member-states before military action can be taken in the self-interest of the nation concerned. Read more.