Unashamed Social Engineering

The quote in the last line of the newspaper article said it all: “It’s on the vanguard of social change.” Yep, that’s for sure. This is all about social manipulation and using the political and legal process to push a radical agenda. What passes for government nowadays is simply unashamed social engineering.
I refer to a story in today’s Herald Sun about a new law change which has come into effect. It is about a lesbian couple who have taken advantage of a new law in Victoria allowing non-birth parents to be named on birth certificates. The story opens as follows:
“Little Drew Hardy-Hughes and her two mothers are now legally recognised as a family in Victoria. Sweeping January 1 changes to the state’s reproductive laws mean that non-birth parents can now be named on birth certificates. Drew’s parents Eilis Hughes and Kristen Hardy, of Werribee, were among the first lesbian couples to act on the landmark legislation. The birth certificate of their two-year-old daughter, conceived using a known donor, will now list Ms Hughes as the birth mother and Ms Hardy as the other ‘parent’.” Read more.