Kev the chameleon keeps on changing his colours

HAS a trend set in? Yesterday's Newspoll has the Prime Minister's satisfaction rating falling to 50 per cent, down from 67 per cent in September. His dissatisfaction rating is up from 24 per cent to 40 cent. With Labor's two-party preferred position unchanged since the last election, the Prime Minister should take these numbers personally. There is a firming question mark over the man.
And the question mark goes like this: Who is this man, Kevin Rudd? It is an odd question because Rudd has been in parliament for more than a decade, a shadow minister for four years, and he has been leading the nation for more than two years.
We have had ample opportunity to watch him on television and listen to him on radio. He tweets. He writes children's books. He spends his summer writing long tomes to prove his intellectual worth. Rudd has worked hard to ensure we are saturated with his media presence. Read more.