Anger in China over web censorship

China has delayed a plan requiring all new computers sold in the country to be equipped with internet filtering software. The Green Dam software has become a major topic of discussion in the blogosphere. The BBC's Krassimira Twigg looks at what bloggers and netizens have had to say about it.
Internet censorship has been one of the most widely discussed subjects in blogs, message forums and social media networks in China over the past month.
Web policing was tightened up around the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen crackdown on 4 June, resulting in the temporary blocking of Twitter and other websites.
Before things could settle down, China announced plans for a new filtering software to be introduced on new PCs from 1 July. The Green Dam Youth Escort software was created to stop people viewing "offensive" content such as pornographic or violent websites. Read more.