Yet another myth about our Flag

Just one of many myths pushed by the Flag changers is that our Flag is too similar to that of our sister ANZAC Realm, New Zealand. There are three significant differences. Just go to the excellent website created by Nick Hobson DFC AFC,  Australian Republic Unplugged .   Click on Flags and when the menu comes down, click on  The ANZAC Flags.
The three differences between our two Flags will be explained and illustrated. As for being confused, I have always thought how confusing all those tricolour and multi stripe flags are, and also, just how plain they are. Hobson now offers  everyone - including all of those  flag changers - the opportunity to  test how distinctive other nations' flags are. On the same page just click on Flag Tests . There are three tests. Each shows six or seven flags. You have to name each flag. Then you click on the Answers icon. It's easy and its fun. It's also embarrassing for the Flag changers. Read more