Opposition to Government Web monitoring grows

ISPs and political players have criticised the concept of forcing service providers to track every Australian Web user’s browsing history.
A Telstra spokesperson said the company was aware of the Government’s considerations.
“While Government policy is a matter for the Government, our customers' privacy is a priority for us, and we'll be making that clear,” the spokesperson said.
iiNet’s chief regulatory officer, Steve Dalby, said while the move was simple to execute it would require lots of storage and money. He claimed the current system worked well.
“Recording the URLs by themselves would not be sufficient. You’d need to record the identity and contact details of the individuals as well,” he said. “[It would need] a change in the legislation to make it possible because I don’t believe it would be legal today.
“I don’t think anybody would be receptive to having their private activity monitored or recorded.”  Read more.