Internet TV Company Helps Break Beijing's Censorship

StarP2P Inc, formally launched its online television network iPPOTV in July.
The technology used has unique advantages in breaking through mainland China's information blockade, said StarP2P’s technical manager, Li Yi, in an interview with The Epoch Times.
IPPOTV’s software platform enables sharing of video files and broadcasting of TV channels over P2P networks. Users with broadband access can, upon installation of the software, watch TV programs from across the world.
As the viewer watches programs, the software simultaneously streams the video information to other users, thereby creating a non centralized, real-time internet TV network. The software encrypts transmitted data, ensuring the user’s identity and personal information remain secure and protected.

Li Yi says the P2P transmission technology, combined with the software’s unique design, makes the TV network impossible to block. “The more users we have, the faster it will stream and the safer it will be.” Read more.