Greens move to legislate euthanasia

ONE of the Australian Greens' first parliamentary priorities will be to try to overturn laws which stop the territories from legislating around euthanasia. Greens leader Bob Brown said today that after ensuring there was more time to debate private member's bills in the new parliament, he would turn his attention to euthanasia laws.
Senator Brown wants to overturn laws that stop the ACT and Northern Territory from legislating on the controversial issue.
"That was a taking away of the democratic rights of the people of the two territories,'' he told Network Ten.
"This won't bring in euthanasia but it will restore the rights of the territorians to be able to legislate for euthanasia the same as everybody in the states.''
Senator Brown said his move was less about discussing the right to die and more about instigating a "full on'' debate about territory rights.
A conscience vote on restoring the territories' right to legislate on euthanasia was an option, he added, but that would be fleshed out during upcoming talks with the major parties.
Senator Brown later said in a statement that he would use the first extended private members time in the new parliament to reintroduce a bill extending territory rights and legalising euthanasia. Read more.