We're spending a fortune on new wires. In case you don't want them, we'll disconnect the ones you have

Great business model, eh? Although probably not great enough when you are pouring in $43 billion.

The overwhelminq question is why? Why spend a fortune replacing wires most people probably don't want replaced. And why not properly examine the idea first in a cost-benefit study?

We've already got wires that keep doing more than we ever imagined (20 years ago no-one could have imagined what ADSL could do, even years ago no-one could have imagined the speeds it will do now  - and they are still increasing) and much of the urban population was actually offered shiny new sets of coaxial cable wires in the 1990s (they were strung up through entire suburbs) and said no. The new NBN cables will be strung next to them. Read more.