Can you afford “multiculturalism”?

The elitist pontificates about the benefits of multiculturalism, because he’s an elitist. One alleged benefit? “I like going to ethnic restaurants,” brags the upper-class multiculturalist. But of course, there’s a world of differences between an upper-class ethnic eatery in a well-to-do suburb, and a dodgy halal butcher in a crime-friendly ghetto.
Indeed, one can easily see why a leftwing professor who works in a well-lit environment sees the “multicultural experience” very differently than Joe Average. Sheltered by a long list of social ills, with security guards, she can feel self-righteous. And don’t forget, ethnic people have really good restaurants and serve meals to Canberra’s politicians, thanks to generous taxpayers. (I hear they’re very good cleaners too!). Read more.