Chinese reform activists ramp up Communist Party pressure in open letter supporting Liu Xiaobo

CALLS for political reform within China have reached levels not seen since Tiananmen Square, with leading activists publishing an open letter today supporting Nobel Peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo. Their bold challenge to Communist Party leaders as they begin their annual meeting in Beijing today follows a demand earlier this week by party elders to lift censorship.
“We call upon the Chinese authorities to make good on their oft-repeated promise to reform the political system,” reads today’s letter, which is being circulated online.
“In a recent series of speeches, Premier Wen Jiabao has intimated a strong desire to promote political reform. We are ready to engage actively in such an effort. We expect our government to uphold the constitution of The People’s Republic of China as well as the Charter of the United Nations and other international agreements to which it has subscribed.” Read more.