The Greens are eating Labor alive

YOU’D think Victorian Labor would have twigged that the Greens are eating it alive.
You’d also think Labor would have figured if it doesn’t fight the Greens as the Liberals once fought One Nation it could be destroyed.
But no. Too timid to resist, too awed to protest, Labor has meekly handed the Greens a third of its voters—and possibly a share of the government at next month’s election.
Newspoll yesterday confirmed Victorian Labor’s fatal drift.
Just 35 per cent of voters said they’d vote Labor this time, and 19 per cent said they’d choose the Greens.
Amazing. For every two Labor voters there is now one Green. Almost all those Greens voters belong on the Left side of politics that Labor once had almost to itself.
At this rate it could be just 20 years - even as few as 10 - before the Greens take over from Labor as the main party of the Left, warns Newspoll’s chief executive, Martin O’Shannessy: “If the trend we’ve observed in the last two election cycles continues at the pace it continues, that is highly likely and it will happen first in Victoria.”
Already the Greens have forced Labor in Tasmania into a coalition Government, even though Premier David Bartlett admitted before the election “a backroom deal with the Greens is a deal with the devil” and to join them in government would be “to sell my soul”.
Hmm. Wonder what price he got?  Read more.