Incredibly Sick Global Warming “Save the Planet” Advertisement

I did some research to make sure this wasn’t a hoax, and it is not. (Or it is the most elaborate hoax in history). It is a sincere advertisement to get people to follow the Global Warming Agenda “or else.” The companies involved with this group include Microsoft, Adidas, Pret a Manger and Aviva among others.
This ad is simply sick and perverse. The producers and the organization itself should all be ashamed of themselves. Did they think this is funny? Originally intended for theaters, the 10:10 folks pulled the video on October 1, saying that it was not well received and that “you live and learn.”
It’s now resurfaced on YouTube. It will be cropping up here and there as they try to take it down over and over. It says a lot about the organization and the people supporting it. Read more.