Australian laws override laws of maths, says PM

Australian laws override the laws of mathematics, according to Malcolm Turnbull, the country’s prime minister. Speaking in Sydney on Friday as he announced a new law that would require big internet companies to allow law enforcement access to encrypted messages sent via their platforms, Turnbull told a reporter: “The laws of Australia prevail in Australia. The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia.”
The reporter had asked how the new law, based on the UK’s Investigatory Powers Act – also known as the “Snoopers’ Charter” – would stop people simply moving on to other platforms.
Facebook and Apple pushed back, with the social media platform telling the Sydney Morning Herald: “We appreciate the important work that law enforcement does and we understand their need to carry out investigations. That’s why we already have a protocol in place to respond to requests where we can.”
Facebook added: “At the same time, weakening encrypted systems for them would mean weakening it for everyone.”
Apple told the Sydney Morning Herald: “We believe security shouldn’t come at the expense of individual privacy.”