Carbon Dioxide + Water + Sunshine = Life

The two gases that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) identifies as being the instruments by which humanity is destroying of the biosphere are the two gases that give the biosphere life—carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapor (H2O), i.e., humidity.

They call them “greenhouse gases” because they are said to enhance a “greenhouse effect”, which in turn they say will cause catastrophic global warming.[1]
These two gases do, indeed, cause a “greenhouse effect” because like real greenhouses they promote vibrant, healthy plant life and an ecosystem that is bursting with animal life, while areas of the Earth that are deprived of these two “greenhouse gases” spawn deserts in which the sparse life that does exist struggles for survival as is demonstrated in this picture.
Here is what’s puzzling.  Everyone has seen this with their own eyes and knows this based on their own, real life experience.  Everywhere on Earth where the concentration of these two “greenhouse gases”—carbon dioxide and humidity—is high the biosphere is teaming with life and everywhere on Earth where these same two gases are low in concentration the biosphere struggles to survive.  How then has the IPCC managed to get so many people to ignore what they see with their own eyes and know based on their own life experience and embrace and promote the silly notion that these two gases are not only damaging the biosphere but even threatening “substantial species extinction?”[2]  Take another look at the above picture.  What/who do you trust, your own eyes and life’s experience or a political institution like the IPCC who is making assertions that are 180° out of sync with reality?
Who doesn’t know that the biochemical formula for photosynthesis is Carbon Dioxide + Water + Sunshine = Life?  Plants combine carbon dioxide and water using the power of sunlight through the process called photosynthesis to produce green biomass some of which is the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe.
In the following paragraph the IPCC demonizes carbon dioxide and water vapor as being the “primary” and the “fundamental agent[s] of climate change” and, of course, by “climate change” they mean catastrophic manmade climate change.
“Currently, water vapour has the largest greenhouse effect in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, other greenhouse gases, primarily CO2, are necessary to sustain the presence of water vapour in the atmosphere. Indeed, if these other gases were removed from the atmosphere, its temperature would drop sufficiently to induce a decrease of water vapour, leading to a runaway drop of the greenhouse effect that would plunge the Earth into a frozen state. So greenhouse gases other than water vapour provide the temperature structure that sustains current levels of atmospheric water vapour. Therefore, although CO2 is the main anthropogenic control knob on climate, water vapour is a strong and fast feedback that amplifies any initial forcing by a typical factor between two and three. Water vapour is not a significant initial forcing, but is nevertheless a fundamental agent of climate change.”[3]
In short:
  • Certain human activities increase the amount of carbon dioxide that there is in the air.
  • That extra carbon dioxide triggers the evaporation of more water into water vapor
  • That extra water vapor is having a devastating effect on the biosphere that will worsen as the Earth becomes more humid even cause “substantial species extinction” if it goes unchecked.
In what world, in what reality does humidity devastate the biosphere?
The Sahara Desert is said to be the aridest place on Earth while Malaysia is said to be the most humid place on Earth.  In the real world, in the real biosphere humidity is a harbinger of life in great abundance.  It is also, by the way, a lower atmospheric coolant.  So, the only place where water vapor causes global warming is in flawed (faultily programed) computer models and the only place where water vapor degrades the natural environment is within the imagination of men.  In real life, water vapor bestows life in great abundance and creates lavish greenery—makes the desert bloom if you will.
There does not exist on Earth, has never existed on Earth nor will ever exist on Earth any place that is “too humid” because the biosphere is profoundly hydrophilic.  The IPCC, on the other hand, wants you to be hydrophobic.  They want you to fear humidity.  The say that human generated carbon dioxide will increase the Earth’s humidity level and that extra humidity is threatening to kill everything!  Therefore, you should be afraid, be very afraid!  Afraid of what? Afraid that the Sahara Desert will start to look like Malaysia; afraid that the Nevada desert will start to look like Mississippi; afraid that the Australian Outback will start to look like New Zealand?
Carbon Dioxide Enrichment of Barley Grass Experiment
Here are the results of a science experiment that I performed in 2011 on the enrichment of barley grass by adding carbon dioxide to the air in which it was growing.
These two separate trays are side by side in the photo.  No Photoshopping was done and no camera tricks where employed.  They were both planted on the same day and this is their comparative growth after 8 days.  The growth of the carbon dioxide enriched barley grass was ~50% more robust.
When juiced the tray of unenriched barley grass filled one glass with juice (on the left); the carbon dioxide enriched barley grass filled one and a half glasses (on the right). In a world that seeks to maximize food production for a growing population, rising carbon dioxide levels are a Godsend.
The source of the extra carbon dioxide was me and my granddaughter simply breathing onto the grass several times daily.
Thus exists the visual proof disputing the notion that increasing carbon dioxide levels threaten the biosphere.  These results, by the way, were not a computerized simulation.  This is what happens in the real world when plants are fed extra carbon dioxide.
Extensive experimentation with carbon dioxide enrichment has demonstrated that the optimal concentration for the most robust plant growth is ~1,000 ppm, which is 250% higher than what it is today.  The IPCC, again, contradicts this scientific reality in its Fifth Assessment Report and asserts that carbon dioxide levels of 1,000 ppm would “with high confidence” devastate the biosphere causing “substantial species extinction.”
So, again I ask:  What/who do you trust.  Do you trust your own eyes and own experience that demonstrates that increasing levels of carbon dioxide and water vapor profoundly enhance the health and abundance of organic life on Earth or do you trust a politically motivated subsidiary of the United Nations that is making assertions that are 180° out of sync with that reality? You decide.

[1] I use the term “global warming” even though it became passé nearly two decades ago when the globe stopped warming and they changed the name of the scare to “climate change” to keep it alive.  Even though the name of the scare changed, the underlying hypothesis hasn’t.  The underlying hypothesis of how human activity is supposedly causing catastrophic “climate change” remains the “greenhouse effect” hypothesis.  The hypothesis asserts that increased levels of “greenhouse gases” cause “global warming,” which they, in turn, predict will trigger catastrophic changes in the Earth’s various climates.  International climate treaties, in fact, still use the “global temperature” as their yardstick of success.  “The Paris Agreement’s central aim is to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by keeping a global temperature rise this century well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase even further to 1.5 degrees Celsius.” The Paris Agreement
[2] Assessment Report 5
[3] Ibid.