Arctic Sea Ice Extent Increasing For Eleven Years

Ten years ago, our top government scientists predicted the Arctic would be ice free by 2012.

12 Dec 2007, Page 22 – Albuquerque Journal
The New York Times was more conservative, and said the Arctic wouldn’t be ice-free until 2013.

Climate Change – Sea Ice – Arctic – The New York Times
Since they made those predictions in 2007, August 1 Arctic sea ice extent has increased by almost 10%. The trend is up since 2006.

The 2007 predictions didn’t work out too well, so they changed it from screaming to death spiral, and changed the ice-free date to 2015.
There is actually about the same amount of Arctic sea ice as there was in 1971.

2017  1971
Scientists also announced in 2007 that Greenland had lost 19 billion tons of ice, causing the Arctic to scream.

12 Dec 2007, Page 22 – Albuquerque Journal
Ten years later, Greenland has gained an extra 100 billion tons of ice.

Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI
Government climate experts have no idea what they are talking about, but that doesn’t stop them from spreading the fraudulent message they are paid to deliver.